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Worried About Health Insurance Reform?

The Future of Employee Benefits Education, Financing and Purchasing

In every generation, when a problem becomes too big, or a need too great, a transformational technology is born. From the wheel, to Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, to Henry Ford’s Model T, each has made dramatic changes in our lives. The advent of Gutenberg’s printing press transformed the world forever. From typewriters to computers, the radio to the internet, all the of world’s knowledge and information is available with a few clicks of a mouse.

Except for information about employee benefits and health insurance resources.

Today, that has all changed. Finally a disruptive technology has been introduced to address the needs of business owners and employees.

I recently had the privilege of meeting with Alan Cohen, one of three partners who developed the “Bright Choices” portal, the first consumer-centric benefits solution that puts employees in control of their benefits, and free companies from their challenging role of “master” of benefits and insurance.

Central to Bright Choices is a technology platform that gives organizations control over their employee benefits costs, and empower employees with the choice and information to make their own personal benefits expenditures.

Click on the video below to view how “Bright Choices” is revolutionizing the employee benefits industry.