July 20 2011 0comment

Top PEO Broker Asks … What Healthcare System? Can We Fix It?

As one of the nation’s leading employee management consultants, we help small business owners and HR managers solve many of the most challenging issues facing employers today. Most of America’s CEO’s and CFO’s agree that obtaining affordable health insurance continues to be a complex and time consuming responsibility that directly touches each one of their employees. Very often, the quality of an employer’s benefits program is key to a company’s ability to attract and retain a happy, healthy, loyal and productive workforce.

Everyday our clients ask for advice and opinions about their health insurance options. Many have concerns about the future of America’s health care system once “Health Care Reform” is fully implemented. I could explain the huge savings a cohesive system would produce, the improvements in the delivery of care, outcomes, and longevity. Just consider the reduction in adverse reactions, paperwork and stress one could expect from a responsive, simple, and transparent system. Think of all the time, energy and resources each citizen would save.

It often amazes me how we routinely accept and allow the insanity of our current system to continue. I came across a very funny video which identifies some obvious improvements for creating a consumer friendly and proactive healthcare system.

What if airlines in United States worked under the same conditions established by health insurers, medical providers, hospitals, and practice management gurus?

Just imagine. How would you fix our broken healthcare system?

We welcome your comments on how you would cure a healthcare system on life support.