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The 4 P’s of HRO and PEO Evaluation

The 4 P’s of HRO and PEO Evaluation

All too often companies spend hours analyzing, assessing, and comparing the cost or savings that one HRO or PEO service provider offers versus another. While a detailed spreadsheet of costs may help to determine “hard dollar” expenditures, it very rarely accounts for the intrinsic value of the competing service models you are trying to compare.

Usually, items such as the co-pays of a health plan, workers compensation rates and administrative fees take precedence over far more important questions. Are you teaming up with a HRO or PEO partner who offers complimentary strengths or merely duplicative expertise and services? Is your corporate philosophy compatible?

Focusing on our 4 P’s will help you to make the “right” choice.

People – Meet with the management and team you will be working with in person, by phone or tele-conference. What are their backgrounds, functions, qualifications, and responsibilities? What are the scope of services each will deliver, how, and how often?

Process – What is the plan for a smooth transition? Map steps for employee notification, orientation, and enrollment. Identify the who, what, where, and when of plan implementation. Set goals, timelines, reviews and evaluations.

Platform – Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) provide a robust set of tools for employee administration, benefits, compliance, payroll, and risk management. Identify levels of employee and management access, orientation, and training. How will you coordinate IT staff for system integration with automated attendance and Point Of Sale systems, 3rd party software and hardware?

Programs – Employee Benefit programs provide a competitive edge in attracting and retaining a highly motivated and productive workforce. Evaluate the quality, value, and choices of health, life, dental, disability and retirement plans. What employee communication, mediation, recognition, rewards, and relocation services are available?