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Thank you for visiting our client testimonal section. Please read some of their success stories:

American Debt Counseling, Inc

American Debt Counseling has been a client since 1991, and in that time, they have grown from 10 to 60 employees. As the company grew, their challenges and needs changed, and ADC had enjoyed the services of 3 leading PEOs.  American Debt was very happy with their current PEO partner of 3 years. The HR Director loved the PEO’s friendly HR platform and routine visits by their HR consultants and support staff.

Unfortunately,  their health insurance  premiums had increased beyond what the employees could afford. So once again, they reluctantly asked us to find them another professional employer organization for their growing company.

View Testimonial“Your professionalism and effective assitance in helping us select Fortune has allowed our management team to focus on the other corporate requirements and projects with the knowledge that this essential employee benefits package is now in the capable hands of a quality company.”

Eileen Miller, HR Manager


The Arzeno Institute

The Arzeno Institute is an exclusive Spa and Wellness Center located in Riverdale, NJ. The owner, Ms. Patty Sherry, has had difficulty obtaining affordable, quality health insurance for her growing company with six employees.

Ms. Sherry is a member of The Alternative Board, www.TABboards.com, a CEO peer advisory group that helps it’s members to overcome their challenges and grow their business. She was introduced to Employers Rx by her TAB facilitator to assist her in finding a solution for her employee benefits and management issues.

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“Employer’s Rx allows the small business owner to get back to doing the things that they love to do and not be overwhelmed by the day to day mandatory issues. For me, thanks to TAB and the Employers Rx, running my business just got easier.
Thank you, because running your own business is supposed to be fun.”

Patricia Sherry, Operations Manager

Hillsdale, New Jersey

Basis Staffing

Basis Staffing specializes in providing recruitment, training, and staffing services to major food processing clients in the Florida, Georgia and Louisiana.

Dave Bourque, co-founder of Basis was given 30 days notice of cancellation by their employee leasing company after more than 2 years of service. The reason given was a large “shock” claim for an injured employee. Employers Rx had 18 days to find a solution. We shopped the market, and negotiated the best rates from 4 highly qualified Professional Employer Organizations.

Our client was invited to the Alphastaff headquarters where they met with both management and their service “team”. They discussed their goals, objectives, and operating procedures before deciding that Alphastaff HR was the right fit for their organization.

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“Our pay rolling needs are very much different than a typical company, and you did an incredible job transitioning us from our previous vendor to one that has adapted to us very well. You go above and beyond for us without fail. Vendors who call me to solicit my business have no chance.

Thanks again for everything you have done for us.”

Dave Bourque, Co-Founder

Orlando, FL

Heron Bay Golf Club

In February 2007, The Kaufman’s had just purchased Heron Bay, a 240 acre championship golf course, that was home to the Honda Classic from 1997 - 2002. The new owners were focused on returning the course to it’s former place as one of the leading courses in the most competitive market in the world, South Florida. They knew it would require hiring the best managers, grounds keepers, and restaurant staff who would provide members and golfers the fast greens, lush grounds, and white glove service they were once accustomed to.

Heron Bay had a signed agreement with ADP Totalsource to relieve them of, and be responsible for their HR administration, compliance and payroll functions, and provide their 70 employees with health insurance, workers compensation, and a 401k plan. However, after the closing ADP backed out, offering only to process their payroll and administer the 401k plan. The Kaufmans were furious and couldn’t believe they were victims of the old “bait and switch” trick. They were up against the wall, and was forced to find workers compensation and health insurance coverage on their own, and right away.

Two months later, a representative from Employers Rx had contacted the club. We described our consulting services, explained how we were different, and after addressing their issues, was hired to find Heron Bay a solution. We immediately contacted 4 leading professional employer organizations (PEO)’s and asked to have their Directors of Risk Management visit the club and inspect the grounds. Each met with the owners, discussed their issues, and assured our client that they would receive a bona fide proposal. Within a weeks time, we had 4 competitive offers from companies we knew could provide Heron Bay with the level and quality of services they required.

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“Heron Bay hired you to find us a good employee leasing company. Which you did. But your relationship with us did not stop there. You have proven to be a constant and knowledgeable professional, and a much needed, greatly appreciated, asset to our company…”

Jamie Kaufman, Owner & General manager

Parkland, FL


Rod Diekema owns and operates 2 of the nation’s leading consumer directories where business owners can find a qualified Professional Employer Organization in their area. Sometimes the prospective PEO and client may not be a good fit because of company size, industry, or philosophy. In those cases, PEO.com and its sister site EmployeeLeasing.com turn to Employers Rx.

Helping visitors to the site to find a Professional Employer produces a winning outcome for all.

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“you are Professional, Committed, and Detailed and do EXACTLY what you say you will.  I am amazed at how smoothly everything has worked.   I would highly recommend you and your organization.”
Rod Diekema, Owner & CEO
Holland, MI

StaffReady Staffing Inc.

StaffReady, a division of TempReady Staffing Inc. provides both front office software and back office support to their temporary/contract staffing and career placement members across the US. Jerry Osborn, President and CEO was receiving payroll administration and workers compensation coverage in multiple states and industries from a third party. Unfortunately the relationship was breaking down and StaffReady needed to find a replacement fast.

Within days, Employers Rx had a choice of providers ready to offer their services, and in no time Jerry was able to focus on growing his business instead of losing it.

View Testimonial“I would recommend your services to anyone. You have ethics, honesty, integrity and character. Your word is your bond and that describes the true nature of the kind of person you are.

Thank you for helping save my business.”

Jerry Osborn, Owner

New Berry Park, CA



Sahara Landscape Services

David Marrese owns and operates Sahara Landscape Services Inc., a small and successful landscape maintenance company since 1991. He and his 4 employees were refused workers compensation coverage despite the fact that there was only 1 small claim of $3,000 in 13 years. His only option was the JUA, Florida’s high risk pool of last resort.

Chris Tighe, Sahara’s State Farm insurance agent asked Employers Rx if we could help one of his “best clients”. We contacted David, explained our possible solutions and the proposal process. After collecting the data, Employers Rx contacted the PEO’s who could provide the services Sahara required. Within a week we had 2 Professional Employer Organizations interested in David’s small landscape company.

“Employers Rx not only saved my business, but saved me money at the same time. I highly recommend them.”

Dave Marrese, Owner

Lake Worth, FL