Risk Management

Employers Rx has the remedy for companies who have experienced a poor Workers Compensation claims history, or are in industries where coverage has become or unavailable. We help you to identify and select from leading Employee Leasing and Professional Employer Organizations whose primary focus is improving workplace safety. Employers of all sizes have significantly reduced their insurance costs with customized “Cost Sharing” workers compensation programs from qualified Employee Leasing companies.

At Employers Rx, we view risk avoidance and management as a team goal. Together with your professional employer, we implement programs that motivate employees to reduce claims and develop safe workplace habits. The process typically begins with a comprehensive on-site safety inspection and continues with ongoing safety training, workplace reviews and risk analysis at regular intervals or as needed. When a claim does occur, prompt action is taken to provide your employee high quality professional care, support, as well as alternate and light duty assignments to promote returning to work in the shortest time.

This experience, knowledge, and understanding of your industry has led many leading Professional Employer Organizations to develop innovative programs that provide comprehensive risk avoidance and management solutions. Our clients have recognized significant insurance savings, while receiving professional expertise and support, improved cash flow, and the comfort of a pre-established maximum cost in the unlikely event that the client’s claims experience continues without improvement.

If you have any questions about the safety of your company’s worksite environment, you should contact us for an immediate evaluation.

Employers Rx, the cure for your risk management and worker compensation insurance headaches…