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Solutions For Your PEO

Employers Rx offers Employee Leasing, HR Outsourcing, Payroll Administrators, and Professional Employer Organizations innovative ways to enhance their bottom line and significantly increase the revenue generated from their sales and marketing efforts. Professional Employer Organizations have adopted our innovative model without change or additional cost. We provide the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Employers Rx can maximize your ASO, BPO, HRO and PEO sales and marketing efforts. Our goal is to form lasting relationships by working closely with our clients and you, our Administrative Employer, Employee Leasing, Payroll Processing, HR Outsourcing, and Professional Employer service partners. We strive to assure that the clients we quote, and ultimately place, are best suited to your corporate model.

in September 2006, Employers Rx launched their B-2-B website PEO-quote.com. The site is finishing second stage Beta testing. When completed, the PEO-quote website will serve as a national showcase for leading Employee Leasing, HR Outsourcing, and Professional Employers Organizations. Business owners from across the country can easily obtain employee leasing quotes, HRO Rates, find a PEO or get PEO quotes online.

Quoting the Vice President of Sales for a well respected and nationally recognized PEO.

“Employers Rx helps turn lemons into lemonade.”

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Find out how Employers Rx can be the cure for your PEO marketing headaches.