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  • How Does Employee Leasing or a PEO - Professional Employer Organization Work?

Employee Leasing companies and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) have revolutionized the delivery of employee management and human resource services to small and mid-sized companies across America. Under the terms of a co-employer agreement, the PEO acts as the employer of record, providing accounting, administration, benefits, compliance, HR, payroll, and risk management to thousands of companies and millions of employees on a daily basis.

  • Can I Save Using Employee Leasing or a PEO - Professional Employer Organization?

This pooling of resources enables Professional Employer Organizations to command significant purchasing power when negotiating for health, liability and workers compensation insurance, as well as consumer, financial, professional, and technical services. Everyone benefits. Business owners profit from the savings in administration, benefits, insurance and legal costs.

  • How Can Employee Leasing or Professional Employers Make Us More Efficient?

Management and staff gain access to skilled professionals to assist and support them. Getting timely answers and resolving issues quickly increases efficiency and savings. Every employee and family member can enjoy the same high caliber “Fortune 500” benefits choices that only large companies and government agencies can offer. Robust HR Platforms and technology give employees access to personal data, benefits, compensation, vacation and PTO account information. Online benefits and new hire enrollment is fast and easy, and eliminates time consuming administration and costly mistakes.

  • Can Employee Leasing Companies and Professional Employers Help a Small Business?

Professional Employer Organizations provide values for small and mid-sized firms that are difficult to measure, but impossible to ignore. They help a young firm succeed against more established competitors in the market for skilled and competent workers. They enhance your ability to attract, retain and staff your company with people whose abilities and skills were tested, and references verified. PEOs relieve employers of the time-consuming chores of managing employee administration and payroll, and ensuring that their firm is in compliance with the myriad of government and HR regulations.

  • Why Should I Work With a PEO Expert Like Employers Rx?

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), the industry trade group, estimates approximately 700 PEOs currently operating nationwide, with an annual growth rate of 20%. The problem for most companies is that each PEO offers a differing range of administrative services, employee benefit programs and support, at varying levels of quality and cost. Devoting the time, energy and expertise to accurately compare PEOs can be a daunting task for any employer.

Just ask our clients how enlisting the services of Employers Rx to find the right employee leasing company or Professional Employee Organization allowed them to focus their attention on running their company.

Employers Rx is the practical and professional way to shop for a PEO. Ask our satisfied clients how Employers Rx prescribed the cure for their employee management headaches.