The RFP Process

We understand that every company has unique challenges and that each industry has its own special set of problems. Our experience has been that employers of all sizes face the same issues daily. How do we deal with our routine and time-consuming employee administration, benefits, and compliance tasks?

The purpose of our (RFP) Request for Proposal process is to help us secure the most competitive rates for our clients. This can require obtaining specific information about your company and your employees. All information is held in the strictest confidence, and will only be used to obtain bona fide offers from a select group of service providers. We will not require any information that will result in the identification of an individual employee. If we cannot obtain material information requested by an underwriter, a “subject to” proposal may be offered. Every effort is made to provide you with a complete breakdown of all charges in every proposal submitted.

We strive to secure accurate quotes the first time, without any conditions, additional fees or hidden costs.

Step 1 – Consultation

The goal of our RFP Consultation is to help our clients identify those areas that require the most improvement. A short telephone consultation, usually taking only 15 to 20 minutes, will help us to better understand the level, quality and scope of services your organization requires.

Our motto is: “if it ain’t broke …… don’t fix it”.

What is your company’s particular situation?

Are you a growing company whose primary goal is to attract and retain productive employees?

Are you in the process of downsizing and trying to reduce costs through economies of scale?

Want to outsource your benefits administration, HR compliance, and risk management to a team of specialists?

Step 2 – Data Collection

The type and degree of information required depends on the services you are interested in having provided. In addition, clients in certain industries who require workers compensation coverage will be asked to complete specific risk appraisals for the underwriters.

General Info – Corporate Name, DBA if any, locations, Federal Tax ID, Officers, Phone, Fax, Website, and email contact.

Payroll Info – Employee wages by pay cycle, full and part time, # W-2s per year. (Payroll ledger or PEO billing statement).

Work Comp* – Claims Reports and Loss Runs for your last 3 years, WC Policy Coverage Page with Mod Rate.

Health Ins Info* – Census with Employee age, gender, coverage election, current bill and renewal rates, benefits plans summary.
A health statement will be required by underwriting. (Please add termination dates for all COBRA participants)

Step 3 – CEST

Consolidate – Obtain final requirements, collect and organize all information, and execute submission in an acceptable format. Produce an executive summary highlighting your company, the level and scope of services you require, and the solutions expected.

Evaluation – Examine all areas of a client’s workforce costs. Calculate cost for providing employee administration, benefits, workers compensation insurance and HR services.

Select – Determine those industry leaders who have a proven track record for providing the solutions and level of services the client requires.

Transmit – The selected service providers are invited to compete for your business. Your Request for Proposal is submitted quickly and confidentially to the participants over secure internet connections. Our guidelines call for additional underwriting information requests within 48 hours.