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Employers Rx combines over 40+ years of Professional Employer Sales, Management, and Insurance industry experience. We have built trusted relationships with over 40 of the nation’s leading Payroll Administration, Employee Leasing, HR Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs to identify and transfer their employee management liability and responsibility to qualified third parties. We work with many of the most recognized and qualified (ASO) Administrative Service Organization, (BPO) Business Process Outsourcer, (HRO) Human Resource Outsourcer, Employee Leasing and (PEO) Professional Employer Organizations nationwide.

Our Vision
Relieve employers of the burden, wasted time, resources and energies spent on shopping, administering, enrolling and obtaining affordable benefits and employee management services.

Our Mission
To provide proactive solutions for small and mid-sized employers that reduce costs and increase productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Our Focus
Helping growing companies and entrepreneurs compare, select, and form successful and lasting partnerships with Employee Leasing, HR Outsourcing, and Professional Employer Service firms.

Our Principles

* to honestly represent the interests of our clients.
* to distribute accurate, thorough and unbiased information that points out the strengths and possible weaknesses of each service provider so our client makes the best decision for their unique company.
* to provide a full disclosure of all fees, charges and compensation for any product or service.
* to remember that the value of any plan is the measured result of
     1. quality design
     2. effective execution
     3. dedication to excellent service
* to strive for the achievement of all we do.
* to exercise our responsibility to those less fortunate by giving back to our community.