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Our Motivation

Sometimes people ask why I have the drive and passion for what we do at Employers Rx.  Helping businesses owners, corporations, and non profits to find cost effective health insurance and employee benefits solutions for their organization.

Some clients ask me if it is because I have;

  • Spent over 25 years fighting for clients against insurance companies trying to have claims paid, treatments approved, or have pre-exisisting conditions covered.
  • Battled for months, and victoriously received payments for treatment, only to deliver the checks to spouses or children because their loved ones couldn’t get the needed care in time.
  • Experienced the benefits and blessings of having great health care coverage.
  • Experienced how important good health insurance is for parents whose child is fighting a horrible disease,
  • or for a loving couple trying to bring a new a life into the world.
  • Been blessed to be married to a beautiful, caring and loving wife, and to be the father of 2 miracle children. Who without health insurance would probably not be here today.
  • Our daughter Grace, who was 4 years in the making. After thousands of dollars, and the grace of the almighty, she was delivered to us almost 15 years ago. A week later, we received a small box addressed to her. Inside was a baby T-Shirt proclaiming “I’m an Av-Med Health Plan Baby”. We were blown away. Here was a company that acted with pride and purpose. Av-Med, the Healthcare Delivery company. That is what I call a great corporate culture.
  • Our son Brandon, who was 5 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly children’s cancer. He spent 9 months at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Because of the dedication and efforts of Drs. Chung, Kushner, the nurses, staff, volunteers, and too many wonderful people to mention. Their help, prayers and support kept him alive. 

Brandon celebrated his 25th birthday in May 2010.

Why the drive and passion for what we do? If you push me for an answer.

I would have to say …. all of the above.