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Alabama PEO Lyons HR Achieves ESAC Accreditation

Lyons HR Meets PEO Industry’s Highest Standards

Alabama based Professional Employer Organization, Lyons HR has earned the accreditation of the Employers Services Assurance Corporation, a nationally recognized organization that assures that an employee leasing company or professional employer organization meets rigorous fiduciary standards, and is in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

PEOs who acheive the distinction of attaining the ESAC assurance have proven that they not only “talk the talk”, but that they have been “walking the walk”, assisting small business owners faced with a myriad of employee administration and benefits issues, employment liability and HR regulations.

“We are proud to be one of only 30 PEOs in the country to have achieved this designation. We believe it is important, especially in this business, to provide clients with the financial assurance only available as an accredited PEO of ESAC. This accreditation gives our clients peace of mind knowing that our service quality and financial stability are being independently verified and monitored”.

Bill Lyons, President and CEO,

Lyons HR

ESAC administers an accreditation program for the professional employer organization (PEO) industry to verify compliance with government regulations and important industry standards. The performance of each Professional Employer Organization is evaluated for achieving financial and operational standards in key employer areas. Accredited PEOs are backed by bonds providing financial assurance for clients, worksite employees, insurers and regulatory authorities.

Clients of ESAC accredited PEO’s enjoy the following advantages:

  • Fast 24/7 online verification that your PEO is financially stable, is in compliance with important state and federal employment laws and PEO regulations, and is owned and operated by qualified people who have a personal and business track record of meeting their obligations in an appropriate manner.
  • Financial assurance for covered clients and employees through surety bonds held in trust by Regions Bank in the unlikely event of a failure of an accredited PEO.
  • Review of ESAC standards & procedures by your trusted advisors, such as your attorney, CPA and insurance professional, provides an additional level of confidence in the credibility of the accreditation process and in the reliability of your PEO.

ESAC Doubles Its Financial Assurance

The services of ESAC accredited PEOs are now backed by a total of $11 million in financial assurance for accredited PEO clients, worksite employees, taxing authorities and insurers. Based on the perfect record of ESAC’s financial assurance program, the surety carrier backing this program has doubled the FDIC-type assurance from $5 million to $10 million in excess coverage in addition to the $1 million surety bond backing each individual accredited PEO.

Congratulations to company founder and President Bill Lyons for reaching this pinnacle in his company’s history. We expect we will be hearing about many more professional achievements from Lyons HR in the future.


TriNet PEO Issues 1st Quarterly Results Since Acquisition of Gevity HR

TriNet’s First Quarterly Results as a Combined Company Show Rapid Growth

TriNet, the country’s second-largest provider of co-employment human resources outsourcing services to small businesses, today announced figures from its third quarter, the first full quarter since the company acquired a public competitor, Florida-based Gevity, in June. Since completing the acquisition, TriNet has added over 350 small business clients representing almost 10,000 employees, and continues on a growth path toward annual net revenues exceeding $160 million, which significantly increase last year’s record-setting net revenue figure ($100 million).

“TriNet took a bold step to pursue an acquisition in a down economy, and the great results we achieved from our first quarter as a combined company show that our business strategy is working,” said Burton M. Goldfield, TriNet’s president and CEO. “We made our numbers on both the expense and revenue sides, and exceeded our goal for new client onboarding.”

HR Outsourcing Provider on Path to Nearly Double Revenue

TriNet recorded almost $55 million in net revenue during the third quarter, pushing its year-to-date figure past the $100 million total the company earned last year. The company added 212 clients, employing more than 4,025 workers, during the quarter. In addition, TriNet ran more than 1 million paychecks and enrolled more than 30,000 employees into benefits plans. TriNet now serves as a trusted advisor to more than 8,000 SME’s covering 130,000 employees in all 50 states. TriNet further established itself as a leader in the human resources outsourcing industry earlier this year when it announced the first in a series of uniquely tailored solutions geared toward providing small businesses with tools to maximize their investment in human capital. In Q3, TriNet added three services to help small businesses focus on employee retention and motivation in a recovering economy: Compensation Consulting, Team Accelerator and TriNet Perks.

As Goldfield said in last month’s announcement, “Having a highly motivated work force that is collaborating toward a common goal will be a key factor in a company’s ability to realize their ambitions and accelerate growth as our economy recovers. We want to help companies hold on to the talent that they have, so that employees aren’t motivated to look for greener pastures as employment opportunities expand. Ensuring that a company’s retention strategies are in place now will help improve the overall level of satisfaction of today’s workforce.”

Source: TriNet


Florida Employee Leasing Definition Changed in Unemploment Insurance Law

Florida has amended its Unemployment Compensation Law as follows: Definitions. The term “employee leasing company” is now defined as an employing unit that is responsible for producing quarterly reports concerning the clients of the employee leasing company and its internal staff. Language that required such a company to maintain a list of its clients, employees and their Social Security numbers has been eliminated, as has the requirement that the company maintain and provide a client list to the tax collection service provider.

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ADP Totalsource PEO and Mass. Company Face $442k in OSHA Penalties

It is surprising what can happen when your company contracts with one of the largest PEOs in the country and you believe that you are therefore fully compliant and protected. OSHA is always aware of health and safety issues that can and do arise, and will react accordingly. Please read the following article:

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Business Working Behind Scenes To Shape Health Care Reform

June will be a critical month for health care reform as two Senate committees begin writing legislation that aims to extend insurance coverage to every American. President Obama has mobilized the grass-roots supporters that helped elect him to lobby for his vision of health care reform, which includes offering Americans a government-run health plan as an alternative to private insurance. A coalition of labor unions and progressive organizations plans to spend $82 million on organizing efforts, advertising, research and lobbying to support the Obama plan. Business groups, meanwhile, mostly are working behind the scenes to shape the legislation.

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