November 02 2007 0comment

HR Outsourcing Website Offers Guide to Selecting a PEO

Employers Rx LLC announced a new guide designed to help business owners and executives gain a better understanding of the HR Outsourcing and Professional Employer industry. Entitled The ABC’s of PEO: How to Evaluate Professional Employer Organizations, this informative handbook is available on their website at The guide covers a brief history of the industry, starting with employee leasing, and the evolution leading up to the development of today’s Human Resource Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations.

Professional Employer Organizations help growing companies operate more effectively, efficiently, and compete against larger, more established, companies for talented employees. Many leading PEOs offer their clients comprehensive payroll and administrative systems, affordable “Fortune 500” employee benefit plans, and (HRIS) Human Resource compliance and information systems that are either unavailable or too expensive for most small and mid-sized firms.

There are almost 800 HRO and PEO companies operating throughout the United States. Many business owners find it difficult to navigate the different levels of services, benefit plans, contracts and proposals from the various companies. “The reason we are making our guide available to the public is because understanding the differences when comparing Professional Employer Organizations can be extremely confusing.” said Bruce Silver, founder of Employers Rx LLC, and author of the guide,. “I believe that one of the most important decisions a business owner can make is selecting the right PEO partner for his or her company and employees.”

Employers Rx LLC launched, a national B-2-B website, that will showcase leading HR Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations nationwide. The site’s simple interface allows busy executives and business owners to easily find a HR Outsourcing or Professional Employer Organization that is “right” for their company.