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Health Care Reform - The New Reality for PEOs

The End of Denial for Employee Leasing and PEO Companies?

NAPEO, The National Association for Professional Employer Organizations has published on their website napeo.org an announcement entitled;


I had to clean my glasses. This is an industry where many of it’s owners and executives, (over 98% of all employee leasing companies and PEOs are privately held) have fought health care reform every step of the way. Large contributions were made to The National Federation of Independent Business, The Chamber of Commerce, (click on this link to see the NFIB position) and a host of Republican PACs and lobbyists. We reported on their attitudes and views about Health Care Reform and the PPACA in our earlier blog post Want to Repeal Health Insurance Reform, Not Likely!!!.

NAPEO President and CEO Pat Cleary is quoted as saying “PEOs are already the go-to source for small businesses looking for help in preparing for and complying with the healthcare benefits changes brought on by reform, so we feel we have an important role to play as the implementation of the ACA proceeds” and offered its industry’s expertise as the Obama administration moves forward with implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Only time will tell if NAPEO, and the industry as a whole embraces Health Care Reform or not. My opinion is that the PPACA is one more reason small business owners should consider the services of proactive, qualified and responsible employee leasing companies and professional employer organizations.


Gallagher and Liazon Team Up on Health Insurance Exchange

Two Industry Leaders Join Forces to Simplify Health Insurance

Arthur J Gallagher, one the oldest and most respected insurance brokers announced their launch of Bright Choices®, the innovative benefits platform powered by the Liazon Corporation. Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS), their employee benefit consulting division, made official their decision to partner with Liazon Corporation in a press release where Anthony F. Hernandez, GBS Chief Information Officer, stated “We’ve selected a proven, comprehensive solution in the Bright Choices® Exchange—one that is easy to deploy, easy for the employee to use and built on outstanding technology.”

At Employers Rx, we could not agree more. We discovered Liazon’s remarkable technology, more than 3 years ago, and have proclaimed the virtues of the platform’s easy, user friendly interface from it’s inception. In May 2010, we wrote about Liazon’s unique Bright Choices® platform in a blog entitled Worried About Health Insurance Reform …. In it, I wrote how we believed then, as we do now, that Liazon’s Benefits Store and other health insurance exchanges will revolutionize the way medical plans are purchased in this country.

Liazon’s online benefits store enables employers to save money on their healthcare costs by setting predictable budgets, while enabling employees to select health, dental, vision, life and disability coverage, among other benefits, from various national and regional insurance providers.

Founded by Arthur Gallagher, a successful insurance agent in Chicago on October 1, 1927, the company was originally focused on commercial insurance and pioneered the concept of risk management. Today, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is an international insurance brokerage and risk management services firm, with a network of correspondent brokers and consultants serving more than 110 countries. In 2010, Gallagher ranked 4th largest in the world based on revenue.


Employers, Healthcare and PR - Personal Responsibility

Can Employers Promote Personal Responsibility? Should They?

Business owners, CFO’s and HR executives across the country are troubled over the escalating costs of providing health insurance for their employees. Unfortunately, the statistics for the future look grim. Some estimate that the United States health-care system will cost $4.6 trillion dollars, (that’s Trillion with a T) by the year 2020. However, buried deep down among all of the statistics, may be a shining ray of light.

Bloomberg Businessweek Chairman Norman Pearlstine invited a panel of health care industry experts to address the question “How do we fix health care?”. The discussion revealed many of the issues that contribute to the cost of providing medical care in America. The most enlightening facts were not how much medical care in the US costs, but who is actually using the care … and why.  

Click here to view the panel discussion.

The Ten Percent (10%) Solution

Dr. Ralph De La Torre, Chairman and CEO of Steward Health Care System reported Medicare data which indicates that twenty to thirty percent (20% - 30%) of patients utilize eighty percent (80%) of our medical resources. Dr. Greg Curfman, Executive Editor for the New England Journal of Medicine drilled down even deeper. He states “The numbers are very clear. Ten percent (10%) of the population consumes sixty three percent (63%) of the total health-care dollars in this country. One percent (1%) consumes twenty percent (20%) of the health-care dollars. Fifty percent (50%) of them consume nothing at all. So this is the issue, and we have to get a better handle on the ten percent (10%).”

The answer seems clear, identify the ten percent (10%) of Americans that are utilizing more than sixty percent (60%) of the nation’s medical resources, then control or eliminate the causes. If we can cut the ten percent (10%) in half through lifestyle changes, patient advocacy and therapy, America’s health care costs can be reduced by thirty percent (30%).

Lower Company Medical Costs with PR

Is it the responsibility of business owners and corporations to promote personal responsibility? What can an organization gain by motivating employees to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and to get 7-8 hours of sleep? Studies have shown that improvements in mental and physical fitness contributes to a more cognitive, effective, and productive workforce. How can employers’ start to reduce their medical costs, and lower health insurance premiums?

Today, it is easy and inexpensive for companies to improve employee engagement and identify your ten percent (10%) at the same time. With no more effort than clicking on a website, anyone can discover their projected longevity. Individuals with medical conditions - present and future can receive a personalized health care protocol designed specifically for them.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation’s founding fathers, inventor and statesman is quoted as saying “An ounce of prevention … is worth a pound of cure”. I think it’s time America took his advice.

Here are a few ways that employers can take the lead.

The Real Age Test

A calculation of your body’s health age. Created by top doctors, including Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz. It uses the latest medical research to develop personalized tips and action plans based on one’s answers. By linking behaviors to increasing or decreasing your age, the approach allows anyone to compare different lifestyle factors and prioritize their efforts.

 The Prevention Plan

    The Prevention Plan Includes:
  • Annual subscription to The Prevention Plan web-based program
  • Comprehensive online Health Risk Assessment
  • Extensive blood panel at a Quest Diagnostics® Patient Service Center including 25 results* for cholesterol (heart), fasting blood glucose (diabetes), liver, kidney and thyroid function, bones, and fluids and electrolytes.
  • Personalized Prevention Plan that explains and prioritizes your health risks and recommends the steps you should take to improve your health.
  • Recommended prevention screenings, schedule and alerts based on age, gender and risks.
  • Personal Prevention Score roadmap to track your progress and motivate you over time
  • 24/7 Nurse Line …. and much more.

We welcome your comments and contributions. Let us know how you are engaging your employees and promoting personal responsibility among your workforce.


Top PEO Broker Asks ... What Healthcare System? Can We Fix It?

As one of the nation’s leading employee management consultants, we help small business owners and HR managers solve many of the most challenging issues facing employers today. Most of America’s CEO’s and CFO’s agree that obtaining affordable health insurance continues to be a complex and time consuming responsibility that directly touches each one of their employees. Very often, the quality of an employer’s benefits program is key to a company’s ability to attract and retain a happy, healthy, loyal and productive workforce.

Everyday our clients ask for advice and opinions about their health insurance options. Many have concerns about the future of America’s health care system once “Health Care Reform” is fully implemented. I could explain the huge savings a cohesive system would produce, the improvements in the delivery of care, outcomes, and longevity. Just consider the reduction in adverse reactions, paperwork and stress one could expect from a responsive, simple, and transparent system. Think of all the time, energy and resources each citizen would save.

It often amazes me how we routinely accept and allow the insanity of our current system to continue. I came across a very funny video which identifies some obvious improvements for creating a consumer friendly and proactive healthcare system.

What if airlines in United States worked under the same conditions established by health insurers, medical providers, hospitals, and practice management gurus?

Just imagine. How would you fix our broken healthcare system?

We welcome your comments on how you would cure a healthcare system on life support.


Employers Rx Debuts Benefits & Perks Portals at NAPEO

Introduces PEO Portals for Increased Client Retention & Revenue

Employee management consulting firm Employers Rx LLC will be attending the 2010 National Association of Professional Employer Organization’s annual conference. The company is among over 70 exhibitors that will set up shop at NAPEO’s marketplace for three days. The list of exhibitors includes a who’s who of industry leaders. All the major insurance carriers including AEtna, Aon, Humana, Lexington, MassMutual, Met Life, Sunz Insurance, Transamerica and Wells Fargo will be represented. Employers Rx company founder Bruce Silver will be on hand in booth 422, where he will be showcasing several revenue enhancing client retention tools that raise the level of service for employer service companies

Joining Bruce at the event is industry sales veteran, Rod Diekema, owner of PEO.com LLC, and developer of internet website PEO.com, which is recognized as the leading web portal for small and mid sized companies searching for HR outsourcing and professional employer services. Also attending the conference is Matthew Zinser, Employer Services Development Director for Liazon Corporation. Matt will be introducing Liazon’s award winning Bright Choices benefits portal, which transforms the way health insurance and employee benefits are purchased and delivered.

This year, NAPEO’s Professional Employer Conference and Marketplace takes place in the home of the Alamo, beautiful and historical San Antonio, Texas.  HRO and PEO executives from across the country will attend the 3 day event held at the JW Marriot San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa on September 27 - 29. The conference attracts representatives from over 300 national and regional payroll administrators, employee leasing companies, HR outsourcing and professional employer organizations.

Visit us at the NAPEO Marketplace in booth 422.

Stop by and win a chance to take home our company mascot Willie, the “Will Do” duck.

We hope to see you there.