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Top PEO Broker Asks ... What Healthcare System? Can We Fix It?

As one of the nation’s leading employee management consultants, we help small business owners and HR managers solve many of the most challenging issues facing employers today. Most of America’s CEO’s and CFO’s agree that obtaining affordable health insurance continues to be a complex and time consuming responsibility that directly touches each one of their employees. Very often, the quality of an employer’s benefits program is key to a company’s ability to attract and retain a happy, healthy, loyal and productive workforce.

Everyday our clients ask for advice and opinions about their health insurance options. Many have concerns about the future of America’s health care system once “Health Care Reform” is fully implemented. I could explain the huge savings a cohesive system would produce, the improvements in the delivery of care, outcomes, and longevity. Just consider the reduction in adverse reactions, paperwork and stress one could expect from a responsive, simple, and transparent system. Think of all the time, energy and resources each citizen would save.

It often amazes me how we routinely accept and allow the insanity of our current system to continue. I came across a very funny video which identifies some obvious improvements for creating a consumer friendly and proactive healthcare system.

What if airlines in United States worked under the same conditions established by health insurers, medical providers, hospitals, and practice management gurus?

Just imagine. How would you fix our broken healthcare system?

We welcome your comments on how you would cure a healthcare system on life support.


Employers Rx Moves Offices to The Promenade of Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA, FEBRUARY 21, 2011 - South Florida’s leading employee management consulting firm, Employers RX, LLC, specializing in human resource outsourcing, employee leasing, and professional employer organizations proudly announces moving their executive offices to the exclusive Promenade in downtown Boynton Beach, FL.  The Promenade features 5 star amenities; a fitness center, two swimming pools, sauna, steam rooms, putting green, business center and conference room, valet, Wi-Fi and concierge services.

Company founder, Bruce Silver outlined the advantages this move offers his associates, clients and employees. “The Promenade’s facilities and staff are first rate.  Boynton Beach is conveniently located in central Palm Beach County, and our new offices are in walking distance, or a fifteen minute drive to the best restaurants along South Florida’s intracoastal waterway”. In under an hour, visitors can reach all three major international Airports in Miami (MIA), Ft. Lauderdale (FLL), and West Palm Beach (PBI), as well as executive airfields in Lantana and Boca Raton, FL.

The spacious conference room at The Promenade provides a comfortable venue for conducting presentations and seminars on timely topics and issues affecting employers and HR professionals. The sundeck’s magnificent vista of the ocean is the perfect setting for hosting networking events for executives of Palm Beach and Broward counties.

“One of our company goals is to help small business owners and HR directors develop happy, healthier and more motivated employees. We encourage all of our associates, clients and employees to take advantage of the recreational facilities when visiting us at The Promenade. We are confident that our new offices will lead to a record breaking 2011 for Employers Rx and our clients”.


Employers Rx Debuts Benefits & Perks Portals at NAPEO

Introduces PEO Portals for Increased Client Retention & Revenue

Employee management consulting firm Employers Rx LLC will be attending the 2010 National Association of Professional Employer Organization’s annual conference. The company is among over 70 exhibitors that will set up shop at NAPEO’s marketplace for three days. The list of exhibitors includes a who’s who of industry leaders. All the major insurance carriers including AEtna, Aon, Humana, Lexington, MassMutual, Met Life, Sunz Insurance, Transamerica and Wells Fargo will be represented. Employers Rx company founder Bruce Silver will be on hand in booth 422, where he will be showcasing several revenue enhancing client retention tools that raise the level of service for employer service companies

Joining Bruce at the event is industry sales veteran, Rod Diekema, owner of PEO.com LLC, and developer of internet website PEO.com, which is recognized as the leading web portal for small and mid sized companies searching for HR outsourcing and professional employer services. Also attending the conference is Matthew Zinser, Employer Services Development Director for Liazon Corporation. Matt will be introducing Liazon’s award winning Bright Choices benefits portal, which transforms the way health insurance and employee benefits are purchased and delivered.

This year, NAPEO’s Professional Employer Conference and Marketplace takes place in the home of the Alamo, beautiful and historical San Antonio, Texas.  HRO and PEO executives from across the country will attend the 3 day event held at the JW Marriot San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa on September 27 - 29. The conference attracts representatives from over 300 national and regional payroll administrators, employee leasing companies, HR outsourcing and professional employer organizations.

Visit us at the NAPEO Marketplace in booth 422.

Stop by and win a chance to take home our company mascot Willie, the “Will Do” duck.

We hope to see you there.


How Do I Find The Best PEO Brokers?

A Guide to Outsourced HR and Professional Employer Consultants

Have you ever tried to find unbiased and accurate information about employee leasing companies or professional employer organizations? It’s not easy. Look up PEO Broker or PEO Consultant in the “Yellow Pages” (does anyone still use the yellow pages). In most areas of the country, you won’t find the category, no less the listing for a PEO professional who can provide you with reliable information, and answers to your questions about employee leasing or professional employer organizations.

Whenever I attend a networking event or business card exchange, I find when being introduced to another business  executive that the conversation leads into the million dollar question “What do you do”?  I could go into a long dissertation about being an outsourced human resource consultant, outlining the payroll, group health insurance, workers compensation, HR compliance and 30+ other areas of services, but very often I will say “I’m a PEO Broker”. Usually, I’m asked again “What do you do?” only with more emphasis the second time.

Sad to say, but after 25 years, most small and midsize business owners and HR professionals are not familiar with the term PEO.   NAPEO, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, and PACE, Professional Administrative Co-Employers are two associations that represent members of the industry. Unfortunately, both organizations have done less than a stellar job of creating an industry “Brand”, or getting a uniform message across to the small business community. What escapes me is! How does an industry comprised of corporate power houses like ADP Totalsource, Administaff, Oasis Outsourcing, and TriNet HR, fail to get the word out.

Watch this commercial from Administaff, one of America’s largest professional employer organizations It is a 30 second spot featuring golf great Arnold Palmer speaking about the benefits of being an Administaff client. The ad is aptly named “Legend”.

 Can you answer who Administaff is, what they do, and how they do it? 

Unbiased HR Outsourcing and PEO Advice At Your Fingertips

While it may be challenging to find unbiased advice about HR outsourcing companies, it is not impossible. Thanks to technology, the internet, and social media, getting the facts about PEOs and  employee leasing companies has gotten much easier. Business and social media directories like Biz Link, Business.com, and LinkedIn, and search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo allow business owners and executives to search for PEO Brokers and PEO Consultants by typing a few keywords.

Ad man, Fred Barnard said a picture is worth ten thousand words. Today, You Tube provides millions of viewers with information on almost every topic imaginable, including HR outsourcing and professional employer organizations. Almost everyday we are contacted by busy executives who are looking for information about PEOs and facts on the HRO industry.

Welcome to Employers Rx. How can we help you today?


What Is A Small Business Health Insurance Benefits Exchange?

Business Owners Have Questions About Health Insurance Exchanges

Everyday I am asked by CFO’s, HR specialists, insurance brokers, business owners and executives about the future of group health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

What are the facts about health insurance reform? How will it affect my current group health plan? When do the changes go into effect? What is a health insurance exchange? Can my small business join the health insurance exchange?

How is it that so many questions remain? It’s been six months since the bill has been passed, and almost two years since the health care reform debate began in Congress. Maybe the problem is that so many small business owners are getting misinformation from usually reliable sources.

Here is a short video produced by the National Federation of Independent Businesses featuring Dr. Robert Graboyes, Senior Policy Adviser for the NFIB who discusses the benefits of comparative shopping for health insurance by forming purchasing exchanges. Admitting  that under our current health insurance system, the rising costs are destroying small  and mid sized companies across America.

Dr. Graboyes proposes how properly designed healthcare insurance exchanges can be a possible solution for small business owners.  He  explains how online healthcare exchanges can lower employee benefits costs by creating competitive insurance marketplaces. His solution calls for a website similar to Orbitz or Travelocity that will “unleash competition”,  making it easy for business owners and their employees to easily compare options and select coverage that is right for them.

One thing I find a little puzzling. If Dr. Graboyes system is designed to make the entire process user friendly, easy to understand, and simple to use. Then why would anyone  want to add the cost of using an insurance agent or need to? When I book a cruise, a flight or  hotel online at Priceline, I don’t usually call my travel agent first.

What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s amazing what can happen in just one year. Many parts of the Affordable Care Act remain to be finalized. There is however, a clear framework and timeline in place, that will finally overhaul our broken, inefficient and unfair health insurance system. Still, some politicians are pushing for a total repeal of the bill. I believe that once business owners, parents and seniors begin to understand all the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and how it benefits them, then any attempt to repeal healthcare reform will be a complete waste of time, energy, money (lots of it) and resources.

In case your wondering where the National Federation of Independent Businesses stands on the issue of healthcare reform and their support for the small business owner, just click on the link below.

NFIB One Year Later

As always, we welcome your comments on this or an other issues we raise.

Thank you for following.

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