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How Do I Find The Best PEO Brokers?

A Guide to Outsourced HR and Professional Employer Consultants

Have you ever tried to find unbiased and accurate information about employee leasing companies or professional employer organizations? It’s not easy. Look up PEO Broker or PEO Consultant in the “Yellow Pages” (does anyone still use the yellow pages). In most areas of the country, you won’t find the category, no less the listing for a PEO professional who can provide you with reliable information, and answers to your questions about employee leasing or professional employer organizations.

Whenever I attend a networking event or business card exchange, I find when being introduced to another business  executive that the conversation leads into the million dollar question “What do you do”?  I could go into a long dissertation about being an outsourced human resource consultant, outlining the payroll, group health insurance, workers compensation, HR compliance and 30+ other areas of services, but very often I will say “I’m a PEO Broker”. Usually, I’m asked again “What do you do?” only with more emphasis the second time.

Sad to say, but after 25 years, most small and midsize business owners and HR professionals are not familiar with the term PEO.   NAPEO, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, and PACE, Professional Administrative Co-Employers are two associations that represent members of the industry. Unfortunately, both organizations have done less than a stellar job of creating an industry “Brand”, or getting a uniform message across to the small business community. What escapes me is! How does an industry comprised of corporate power houses like ADP Totalsource, Administaff, Oasis Outsourcing, and TriNet HR, fail to get the word out.

Watch this commercial from Administaff, one of America’s largest professional employer organizations It is a 30 second spot featuring golf great Arnold Palmer speaking about the benefits of being an Administaff client. The ad is aptly named “Legend”.

 Can you answer who Administaff is, what they do, and how they do it? 

Unbiased HR Outsourcing and PEO Advice At Your Fingertips

While it may be challenging to find unbiased advice about HR outsourcing companies, it is not impossible. Thanks to technology, the internet, and social media, getting the facts about PEOs and  employee leasing companies has gotten much easier. Business and social media directories like Biz Link, Business.com, and LinkedIn, and search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo allow business owners and executives to search for PEO Brokers and PEO Consultants by typing a few keywords.

Ad man, Fred Barnard said a picture is worth ten thousand words. Today, You Tube provides millions of viewers with information on almost every topic imaginable, including HR outsourcing and professional employer organizations. Almost everyday we are contacted by busy executives who are looking for information about PEOs and facts on the HRO industry.

Welcome to Employers Rx. How can we help you today?

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