November 19 2009 0comment

Florida Employee Leasing Definition Changed in Unemploment Insurance Law

Florida amends its UI law regarding employee leasing companies


Florida has amended its Unemployment Compensation Law as follows:

Definitions. The term “employee leasing company” is now defined as an employing unit that is responsible for producing quarterly reports concerning the clients of the employee leasing company and its internal staff. Language that required such a company to maintain a list of its clients, employees and their Social Security numbers has been eliminated, as has the requirement that the company maintain and provide a client list to the tax collection service provider.

Employment. New language has been added that requires employee leasing companies to submit a report to the Labor Market Statistics Center of the Agency for Workforce Innovation with the following information for each client: trade name; former unemployment compensation number; former federal employer’s identification number; industry code; description of business activity; address; and number of employees for the pay period, including the 12th of the month for each month of the quarter.

Source : CCH – Aspen Publishers Technical Answers Group, Florida Department of Revenue