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Common Mistakes Made Shopping for PEOs and Employee Leasing on the Web

Web Shopping for Employee Leasing and PEOs can be Tricky.   Where can a Busy Executive Turn to for Help? You’re a small business owner who is trying reduce costs because of the slowing economy. Your insurance broker just delivered your annual renewal rates. Workers compensation coverage increased another 20% because of a large claim you experienced 2 years ago. […]

Offsite HR versus Professional Employer Organization

Offsite HR versus Professional Employer Organization

Many business owners have asked me to explain the difference between an Off-Site Human Resource Organization (HRO) and a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), also referred to as employee leasing companies. While most of my clients could care less what the solution is called, so long as we resolve their problem, there are clear differences between […]

The 4 P’s of HRO and PEO Evaluation

The 4 P’s of HRO and PEO Evaluation

All too often companies spend hours analyzing, assessing, and comparing the cost or savings that one HRO or PEO service provider offers versus another. While a detailed spreadsheet of costs may help to determine “hard dollar” expenditures, it very rarely accounts for the intrinsic value of the competing service models you are trying to compare. […]

HR Outsourcing Website Offers Guide to Selecting a PEO

Employers Rx LLC announced a new guide designed to help business owners and executives gain a better understanding of the HR Outsourcing and Professional Employer industry. Entitled The ABC’s of PEO: How to Evaluate Professional Employer Organizations, this informative handbook is available on their website at The guide covers a brief history of the […]

PEOs cover ABCs of Human Resources

Pulled from the Akron Beacon Journal Companies take care of hiring, payroll and benefits For many small businesses, the administrative burdens of hiring, managing and paying employees can be overwhelming. As a result, many business owners are turning to alternative methods of hiring staff, including something called the “professional employer organization” or “PEO”. PEOs are […]

Employers Rx Launches HR Outsourcing Website

Employers Rx LLC, a South Florida HR consulting firm, announces the launch of (, their new B-2-B website where business owners from across the country can easily find the right HR outsourcing solution for their company. The website will showcase leading employee leasing, HR outsourcing companies, and professional employer organizations nationwide. Vsitors to the […]