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Solutions For The Advisor

Accountants, advisors, brokers and business managers, coaches and consultants are being called upon more than ever before for help in finding cost effective solutions that will allow their clients to remain competitive ……. or, in some cases, remain in business.

Employers Rx represents you and your clients interests, always respecting the Advisor - Client relationship. We recognize that honest communication is the key to securing any successful relationship. We utilize the latest technological platforms to streamline the RFP process, provide access between the parties, and protect all confidential information.

Our focus is working with you and leading Professional Employer Organizations to form lasting relationships that benefit you and your clients. Our goal is finding the right employee management solution for your small and mid-sized clients. We help companies across America succeed in today’s competive marketplace, regardless of their industry or experience.

Employers Rx frees up your time and resources, allowing you to do what you do best.

Employers Rx works for you. Our unique “Request for Proposal” process challenges leading employee leasing companies and PEOs to compete for your client’s business. We combine the high touch of personal service with high tech, employing “state of the art” proposal and analysis systems. This assures that your clients will experience an accurate, courteous, efficient and professional process.

Find out why Employers Rx is the cure for your clients’ employee management headaches.